Enhanced Home Internet

Dedicated High Speed Fiber

We do everything different than big Telecom Providers

Guaranteed Speeds (dedicated for you)

With other providers, when another user logs on it slows you down. With us, your speed is guaranteed

Exact-Time Appointments

We book exact-time appointments because you have better things to do than wait around all day.

No Contracts or Gotcha's

We must earn your business everyday – no long-term contracts required. Try us out…if you like us, keep us.

Local Human Support

We answer our own phones. 100% locally staffed support with 24/7 technical assistance.

Media-Grade Internet

No Buffering. No packet loss. No downtime

You want to be able to upload photos, while streaming music, while Zooming with your boss, while your friend plays video games on your TV…all at the same time.

We created our Media-Grade Internet to meet this new normal.

As the only ones in town with guaranteed symmetrical speeds for upload and download, you’ll have the best of both worlds

Premium Telecommuting and Gaming Latency

Upon request, we will customize low latency direct routes to just about any service provider on our ecosystem:

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Home Office Internet Pricing

Base 100

High Speed Fiber Internet
$ 100 Monthly
  • 100M Upload / 100M Download
  • Exact Time Install & Local Support
  • Price Lock For Life
  • No Setup Fees

Pro 500

High Speed Fiber Internet
$ 150 Monthly
  • 500M Upload / 500M Download
  • Exact Time Install & Local Support
  • Price Lock For Life
  • No Setup Fees

Extreme 1G

High Speed Fiber Internet
$ 200 Monthly
  • 1G Upload / 1G Download
  • Exact Time Install & Local Support
  • Price Lock For Life
  • No Setup Fees
Best Value

Home Internet Features Comparison

FeaturesBase 100Pro 500Extreme 1G
Share Large Files
Listen to Music and podcasts
Stream High Resolution Video
Power Multiple Devices Simultaneously
Telecommute and video conference
Premium Telecommuting & gaming Performance

Cloudpath Is Doing It Different

Cloudpath guarantees your service quality.  The bandwidth plan you sign up for is dedicated speed for you.  Other users on our network will not slow down your experience.  All plans have symmetrical upload and download speeds. (example... 1G upload and 1G download)

Many providers focus on lowest cost for the highest advertised bandwidth. Although this approach is great for marketing, todays’ cloud applications rely on “consistency” of BOTH speed & latency… Apps like voice, video and remote desktop computing are especially sensitive to quality vs quantity of internet.  Cloudpath does it differently.  We prioritize performance over network cost.  This gets you to your destination using the fastest, most reliable route available. 

Absolutely nothing because there are no contracts with Cloudpath.  The price you pay today is locked in for life .  We focus on earning your business every month then reading the fine print. 

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